Happy New Financial Year
and welcome back to our monthly  E-News

After a series of Information Technology "upgrades", we are finally back to being able to send our brief monthly E-News.
 Around the beginning of each month we will be back to sending a breif flyer like this one telling you all of our new products and service.
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  Maria Silk Young Scott Young
Mobile 0409 784 236 0421 795 353
Email maria@h2orx.com.au scott@h2orx.com.au
Fax 02 9436 0491 02 9436 0491
PO Box 748
Lane Cove NSW 1595
PO Box 748
Lane Cove NSW 1595
Disclaimer note....
It is our understanding that all people receiving this flyer are in the engineering / environmental industries and will therefore be interested in our products and services.
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